Boğaziçi farma

are you ready?


Sharing your dreams , transforming your idea to a matter.

Creating your company and support to make it enlarge.

We present more than a basical production.

“ Vitalise your ideas ”


We start to study by via creating the formulisation.

Detrimental substances never play a part in your formul.

Our aim is to create a active and confidential formul.

“ Formuls, special for you. ”


Packing is the golden key of the perception management.

The color, the shape , the cover,the material and the design.

They are all arranged for you specially.

" Love at first sight. "



OTC, cosmetic, medical instumentation,dieatary supplement.

Your production is being done in the best facility.

" Back of House "


Not a classic agency , Totally medical agency.

Design,brochure, advertisement, web, social media, mobile applications..

Your marketing support is ready.

" Innovative Solutions "


You can manage your teams education processes.

Training file,presentation support,Update meetings.

We are ready to share our experience.

" The most valuable service "


Dont be in panic about the continuous changing regulations.

Technical Files, Product tests,License and compliance

We are ready to be with you in about all questions of your products..

" You can refer to us "

A gift offered by the nature

Just imagine a thermal water well extending the full depth of 2.400 meters. The steam exits from this well at 140 °C is rich in minerals such as antioxidant selenium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and many trace elements.

It becomes possible to moisturize, relieve, balance, and have an anti-aging effect on the skin by protecting it from oxidative stress. It can be used quite easy and effortlessly at any age with confident.

A gift offered by the nature.


The Concepts shops are ready for the opening

Franchise system is coming soon

After the abroad we finished our preparations to open our shops which has a concept about fresh and natural.That shops has the natural soaps that is produced by the natural ingredients without protector chemical ; Specially it will tease the customers who are concerned with their skin and health. We are believing that concepts which is really popular on Qatar and Dubai will have the same power in Turkey. Coming soon you can have the distributor rights.

We attend to reception in the U.S.A Ambassador

In the reception our company was representing the city Denizli.

On 1 October 2014 We attend to the reception which was happening on the U.S.A Ambassador for the visit of the U.S.A Comission of Trade was represented by our company for Denizli.The companies around Turkey has attended that reception by the level of the CEO. For our company our partner Dr. Volkan Aydemir attended. In the reception the major points were development in the industry , health politics and the developing the perception of the trade between the two countries.

Kapederm Cream Became the Cover of the BEKVitrin

Kapederm Cream became 2 times cover of the magazines in February and March

Kapederm Cream became the covers of 2 magazines continiously: Kapederem Cream which has the motto of “For each house its a necessiity” became two times cover of the magazines.In the following magazine BEKVitrin they shared the feedback of the customers.The cream is the candidate for the being new eras cream already with the affordable price.Pharmacies shows that the attention the cream is high.

We will anounce the free holidays for the pharmacies in BEK Advantage Days 2014

We became the sponsor of the lottery of the foreign country trip

We became the sponsor for the lottery of the foreign country trip in BEK Advantage Days.Our aim is to tender to our pharmacies a little break after working during the year so hard!.With the testimony of the Noter , lottery is done and we gave a special trip for the pharmacies and their families are included in 6 days in BENELUX.We wish good vacation.

We became the major sponsor of the Hello Summer 2014 Fair

We are getting stronger each summer more

Our company is continuing to develop relations between the pharmacies.In Hello Summer 2014 Fair in Antalya we continue to keeping developing the relations.In the event there were 2500 attendees.Our partners İzzet Savun and Dr. Volkan Aydemir met with the customers and made some speeches about the future plans and productions.Our Logistic Department Manager Adem Genç who solves the problems of the pharmacies hidden ways was located in the fair. See you in 2015!!!!

Everyone will start using thermal water campaign

From 2400 meters coming a rich mineral water

We have built for 50 pharmacies thermal water towers.Our purpose was to make our people to get a habit about using thermal water.It was designed as 4 layered cake and which has LED lights. People around it was really concerned.Our Fonder Partner İzzet savun made a speech about the habits of the main customers.He barely confirmed that we can use it in every season.He claimed that thermal water is a special product and it is really important source of the countries underground minerals.After the speech they made some applications with the thermal water.

P.G.E.D pharmacists are visited our production bases.

With litlle trip to the lab. we make it happen again the our little school memories.

Pharmatic Enterpreneur Pharmacist Assosiation visited our production bases.The members especially wanted to visit the lab where the analyzes of the special formulates are done.We showed them our bases special technological requirements.The other purpose of the visit , Association checked the technical infrastructure of the facilities.

Bursa Pharmacy Cooperative and Pharmacy Ware House members visited our facilities

They said lets meet in modern place.

Both of the cooperative has taken information about our products and also they have made the first step of their partnership with our company.In the meetings mid-level and short term plans have talked. Also they have taken a brief information about the R&D facilities and other produce capabilities

EDAK Pharmacy Warehouse visited our facilities

With us EDAK can take care of you better

EDAK who is the biggest pharmacy industrial leader in Aegean region visited our facilities to take information about their cosmetic product.The EDAK is creating their own cosmetic series with the help of our company.With the motto “EDAK takes care of you really well” they are trying to get the attention with society health.All the products are waiting for the last approve from design to cover with logos.

We have done a launch located in Denizli

With the steps of the thermal water a peaceful weekend

We have done the launch of the new dermo cosmetic series Ecologica with the 160 PGED pharmacies in Denizli.The different types of the 12 examples Ecologica is waiting its place in the shelfs.For our luanch we started to talk about our special thermal water which is located under of the ground about 2400 meters.After all we explanied the water of the Pamukkale because we were spending the time which is located near to Pamukkale.See you next meeting

We have explained naturality with the active pharmacy association.

How natural the products on the market?

We have declared the naturality in the Active Pharmacy Association.We have argued about the products which are being selled on the shelfs ,after we talked about the materials which are dangerously by the WHO and what are the roles of the dermo cosmetic.Because of the widely attend we were really happy to attend that event.We are really thankful to the pharmacists who were arguing with us.

Pharmeticcare Publishing meetings are done.

You are welcome to us Pharmeticcare

The new product of the PGED , Pharmeticcare started its own new journey.After the openning of the PGED they have already started their innovative road.They have become their innovative ideas real with the support of the Boğaziçi Farma..We have done 4 different launch meetings in the cities of İzmir, İstanbul and Ankara.In this meeting we have explanied the importance of the brand identitity and the important roles of the pharmacies. With the motto of the PGED thinks your natural health we have released 4 different kidn of products. Thank you

We became on the news of the Daily News

Our companies vision is attending

We created a new dinamism not only in our country we did it in abroad too. You can find our short term plans on this writing.

Full team at national medical fair

We are waiting you in our stand.

2013 we are attending to all events like the past years.This year we will accept our guests in our new 18m² new stand.We made it special for you to enjy and get rest.We have created a new shelf system with low lightning.And we have a special suprise for you there. For a coffee we are waiting for you.

EXPO 2010

We packed nature in EXPO

We have created a new difference in the EXPO. We came there with the motto of we pack nature.We have created a natural type of ground for our guests.İf you want to feel the nature under of your steps please come and visit us.